Local Attractions

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. The administrative headquarters are in Skukuza. Areas of the park were first protected by the government of the South African Republic in 1898, and it became South Africa's first national park in 1926. To the west and south of the Kruger National Park are the two South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. In the north is Zimbabwe, and to the east is Mozambique.

Nandoni Dam

Nandoni meaning "the iron smelting ovens Venda language, previously known as the Mutoti Dam, is an eart-fill/concrete type dam in   Limpopo   province,  South Africa . It is located on the  Livhuvu River   near the villages of ha-Mutoti and ha-Budeli just a few kilometres from  Thoyandou   in the district of  Vhembe.  

Lake Fundudzi

aka  Lake Funduzi  is located in the Soutpansberg in the Limpopo Province of   South Africca . Measuring about 5 km by 3 km when full, it was created by an ancient  landslide   blocking the course of the Mutale River. The lake and its resident crocodiles as well as the nearby forest of Thathe Vondo, are regarded as sacred by the Vhatatsindi, the  People of the Pool  who are part of the  Venda people .


Phiphidi Waterfall

Phiphidi Waterfall is located in rural Limpopo Province at the foothills of the Soutpansberg (Dzwaini), South Africa’s northernmost mountain range. The region’s isolation from the rest of South Africa has helped preserve the traditional cultures and belief practices of its indigenous inhabitants. Among the many tribal peoples living in Limpopo Province, about 12 percent of the population are members of the Venda linguistic group.

Thate Vondo Forest

The Thathe Vondo Forest is sacred to the Venda people of Limpopo. Situated in the mountains above Lake Fundudzi, traditional folk lore says the forest is patrolled by a sacred white lion, which protects the graves of the chiefs of the Thathe clan who are buried in this sacred place. There is also rumoured to be a thunder and lightning bird called Ndadzi, which, according to myths, flies on the wings of thunder.


The archaeological site named Thulamela, a Venda word meaning the place of birth, is located in the north east part of South Africa, in the Pafuri area of the world-acclaimed Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is near the border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, in a fertile area that seems to have been preferred for the cultivation of various kinds of sorghum and millet as well as cotton.

Luvuvhu Catchment

The Luvuvhu Catchment forms part of the larger Limpopo system, which extends into Mozambique. The Luvuvhu River and some of its tributaries (including the Mutshindudi and Mutale rivers) rise in the Soutpansberg Mountains. The Luvuvhu River flows for about 200 km through a diverse range of landscapes before it joins the Limpopo River near Pafuri in the Kruger National Park.